Project 3/52
I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. This year I'll be doing project 52 photo challenge, where I take photos weekly & post. This week I shot my daughter. Shooting a toddler is such a challenge cause they can never stay still but if you give them something to distrcact them you can get a  less blurry photo lol.


I had this brilliant idea to take my daughter to Giraffe Centre for her birthday. Boy oh boy did she cry when she saw the giraffes.


I was so excited my baby was turning one I had to do a photo shoot.My theme was pink cause of the Tutu & I also wanted my daughter to be distracted,that's the only way you can photograph a toddler. I also used her ultrasound print outs & a mirror. My set-up was pretty simple....just  my bed & a big window, I love shooting with natural light.



When I found out I was pregnant, I really wanted to try out silhouette photography of my bump. I did a few but this was the best one. I miss the bump already.



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